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Truncated DomesDetectable warnings/Truncated domes (suspended for study in 1994, suspension lifted in 2001), are now once again (July 26, 2001) part of the required ADA and DOT mandates for pedestrian pathways, ramps and dangerous vehicular way transitions, and are the ONLY texture allowed for these surface applications.

The patented VANGUARD detectable warning system is the best method to install detectable warnings for those with visual acuity issues, and they are the only surface texture available that is truly non skid, exceeding federal mandates. (ADAAG requires them to be “slip resistant”). Clearly, VANGUARD products are the best way to approach these and other areas of your clients detectable warning/non skid surfacing needs. Since each VANGUARD Installer controls every step of the manufacturing process, there’s no more finger pointing between the installer and the manufacturer of other systems for warranty issues, as each VANGUARD installer is both the manufacturer AND the installer! If there’s ever an issue as to warranty, you and your customers can smile, and relax, because they know they’re covered. By becoming an VANGUARD Installer, there’s no more embarrassing Brand Xmeetings between you and your client 6 months later explaining that you can’t be held responsible for products (that they spec’d) that by their very design simply don’t work, no more call backs to repair “Brand X” products that some kid decided to peel up and use as a Frisbee, or simply came loose due to freeze/thaw heave (or buckled under Summer heat).VANGUARD products stay where they’re put, and have the lowest life cycle cost on the planet.

Beneficially, since you’re the manufacturer AND installer, you retain all margins associated with installing based on our patented process, allowing you to price your products such that you are providing superior products, at prices the competition can't touch.

And the profit potential with the ADA requirements calling for solid, stable and skid free surfaces, literally all across the country, not only for new construction, but existing/retrofit surfaces as well, is truly astounding.

If you're interested in becoming a VANGUARD applicator, or would like to look at adding this line to your existing business, please review the following available kit, and we'll be glad to provide that to you. If you want more information, or perhaps need a sample, please use our contact form and we will get you any and all appropriate information.
We receive calls from all across the country, every day, from owners, contractors, architects, and more, wanting to know who installs VANGUARD products in their area, and the volume is growing every day.

With the federal mandate for detectable warnings now in full force nationwide, this is truly a ground floor opportunity.

We need you!

Jon Julnes

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