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 Detectable Warning (Truncated Dome)

Viscosity 6000 - 12000 cps, ASTM D2196 - Brookfield #7 spindle @20 rpm, 77 degF
Tracking None after 60 minutes max., ASTM D711, 50mils wet @77 degF
VOC 25 g/l max., ASTM D2205
Hardness Shore Durometer, A-1, 80 minimum after 24 hours
Tensile Strength 125 psi minimum at break, ASTM D638
Percent Elongation 20% minimum, ASTM D638
Water Absorption Maximum 0.5% (ASTM D570)
Chemical Resistance Seven day immersion test:
Motor oil........................no effect
Transmission fluid.....no effect
Diesel fuel...................no effect
Anti-freeze....................no effect
Gasoline......................no effect
Road salts.................. no effect
Adhesion Portland cement; minimum 200 PSI. Asphalt; dependent on tensile failure of substrate
Skid Resistance Minimum 45 (ASTM E303) in units (British pendulum)
Reflectivity 200 millicandella minimum initial reading when applied per VANGUARD specifications
Composition Comprised of resins, reactive monomers, pigments, glass beads, and fillers. Exact composition is at the manufacturer's discretion. The material is resistant to ultra-violet light.
Installation Truncated domes and all related installed surfaces to be installed according to manufacturers specifications. All detectable warning surface installations shall be at minimum, at least as non skid as the surrounding pedestrian surfaces.

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VANGUARD Specs [MS Word.doc]

Available colors:
Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, White


Vanguard colors available

Yellow = Guaranteed Federal Color Standard 33538


Asphalt Truncated dome installation on asphalt utilizes the same technique as concrete installations. The asphalt must be inspected by a VANGUARD   installer prior to installation to determine if a mix or additive adjustment is required. Asphalt installations carry a 5 year warranty on labor and material (see full warranty information below).
Seal Coat VANGUARD products shall not be placed on asphalt or coal tar sealers. If surface has been sealed, grind entire area to be installed to remove all sealers.
Concrete Minimum compressive strength 2500 PSI. Concrete must cure for minimum of 5 days in Southern states or 10 days for Northern states prior to the installation (due to wide swings in climatic environments nationwide). The VANGUARD installer shall retain full discretion to determine whether it may (or should) be installed earlier or later than above defined timelines to insure proper bonding. All concrete coloring/additives shall be integral, not surface applied. All "surface curing" compounds or sealers shall be removed by method of grinding on any concrete that is less than 6 months old if deemed necessary by installer before the VANGUARD products are installed. Surface finish should be medium broom finish for maximum adhesion.
Surfaces All surfaces to be clean and dry.
Temperatures Surface temperatures should not exceed 88 degF, or be below 35 degF. Adjustments should be made in appropriate mixing ratios for extreme temperatures. Some regional adjustments may also be required due to climatological discrepancies.
Installation Warranty VANGUARD Detectable Warnings are warranted to not lose more than 5% of their surface installation/adhesion, color retention or non skid characteristics over a 5 year period (occasional cleaning/pressure washing is recommended), assuming installation as per manufacturers specifications, and surface criteria. Detectable Warnings are not a driving surface, nor are they intended to be driven on (this includes damage from shopping cart “trucks”). Any damage caused by “dry steering” or blade snow removal is neither implied nor covered under this warranty. Surface coloring agents or sealers (see “concrete” section above) will alter this warranty.

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